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Whittakers Chocolate Block Cocoa

  • Whittaker Cocoa Chocolates are premium quality milk chocolates made with whole milk and finest batch roasted west African cocoa beans.
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Whittakers Chocolate Block Cocoa   250g

Whittaker Chocolate Block Cocoa Madagascar is lovingly made with cocoa sourced from Madagascar home to some of the world's finest cocoa. This smooth milk chocolate has unique notes of biscuit, honey and hints of citrus.

Whittaker Chocolate Block Cocoa Peppermint is a wonderful combination of our finest earthy Ghanaian cocoa encasing a delightfully fresh tasting fon dant made from natural peppermint, naturally.

Whittaker Chocolate Cocoa Dark Caramel is the perfect combination of smooth flowing rich caramel encased in 62% cocoa chocolate.

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